We can’t believe that women haven’t downloaded and read this eBook before they get a tattoo.

Most women don’t know…

  • How to choose a design with confidence
  • How to take a tattoo for a test drive (most women just choose one and regret it!)
  • What areas on your body are affected with tattoo aging and what areas are not
  • When women should never get a tattoo (time of day, month and year)
  • How to choose an excellent and safe tattooist/parlor (there are some horror stories inside)
  • Why it’s vital to eat and drink before being tattooed (and how much)
  • How to reduce the amount of pain you’d experience
  • The ink female celebrities like, and which ones they regret
  • The 6 popular tattoo designs you must avoid (you could miss the reasons why)

Basically, it goes through the whole application process safely, from start to gorgeous finish.

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It’s the only female tattooing guide – we don’t recommend friends get tattoos without it.