Delicious Ghost

Delicious Ghost has more tasty video clips than it would be healthy to watch, check out this sample from this week. Somehow they’re all related, in a 2010 kinda way.

Fighting Rupert Murdoch

This old edition of Lifehacker is so tasty, just listing the ingredients makes me want to eat it:

~ How to get free subscriptions to online newspapers

~ How to get free wireless access

~ Getting onto Gmail when it’s down

~ Accessing busy sites

~ Bypassing country-based internet blocks, and

~ Downloading YouTube.

Oh, and setting up your own proxy service. Sounds like an average hour on the internet these days.

You can read the full how-to guide here.

Despair Pervades All


Charles Shultz never liked the name Peanuts – it was imposed upon him by his syndicate and was, in Shultz’ words “totally ridiculous, has no meaning, is simply confusing, and has no dignity”.

The meaning, or meaninglessness, in Peanuts is brought to life in 3eanuts, a tumblr that reduces the four panels to three, and highlighting the existential dread that was always at the center of this strip – the poignant hybrid between adult and childrens’ worlds almost made invisible by over marketing.

8 Bit Cities

Brett Camper has turned New York into an 8-Bit computer game, using publicly available maps. Zoom in or out for more detail.


Brett Camper is the guy who also made the great iPhone app Trees Near You. For its part, 8-Bit has an interesting use also of kickstarter for it’s funding. Seems the future is becoming one big game. Check it out (and other cities) here.

Yimmys Yao


Definitely NSFW (unless you’re in the porn, drugs and self harm business), Yimmys Yao is a tumbler billed as ‘Visual Crack for the Ocular Fiend’. Definitely clickable.