The Prostitutes’ Mirror

In Paris in the late 1800’s, prostitutes would test the diamonds given to them for glass by discreetly scratching them on a mirror before accompanying their wealthy clients upstairs. The traces of these evenings are still on display at the restaurant Lapérouse, a tasteful restaurant at Le Quai des Grands-Augustins.

The area around the Paris Opera was known as the ‘clitoris of Europe’, for the number of famous brothels in the area, and its architectural similarity to the female body part. For collaboration with the Nazis they were all closed at the end of WWII, bringing perhaps Paris’ most popular attractions to an end. Part of the slide show Paris for Perverts, which seems like a decent way to visit this city once again.

A Billion Wicked Thoughts

Sex researchers recently gained access to a billion internet searches, and found out some of the differences between what we say we like, and what we actually like. A case in point – one-third of the subscribers to Today’s Christian Women seek out erotica online (the rest are just perverts).

Read more about what they found out here.
Update: this article delves a little deeper into the differences in male and female searches, gong as far to say is the number one female erotica site.

Yimmys Yao


Definitely NSFW (unless you’re in the porn, drugs and self harm business), Yimmys Yao is a tumbler billed as ‘Visual Crack for the Ocular Fiend’. Definitely clickable.



Part spaghetti western, part hard-boiled detective story, part comedic sketch compilation, and all over sweet story about a poor-girl-made-good, Tampopo is the Juzo Itami film best known in the West. And with good reason. With just enough sex and death to keep things popping, and just enough closely observed humor to keep you constantly chuckling along, Tampopo (meaning ‘Butterfly’, the name of its Noodle-making subject) is hard not to love. With its love of craft, perfecting one’s skills, and of appreciating fine things in life (before it’s too late), Tampopo somehow says just about everything possible within its few dozen minutes.

Lovely stuff. Grab a copy if you can though, it can be hard to track down.