The End of the World

This is how the Lybian town of Sirte looked at the end of the uprising – something from the end of the world.

Holy Moley

A Buddhist Cave (Phraya Nakhon) in the Khao Sam Roi Yot national park, 300 km south of Bangkok, Thailand. The pavillon was built in 1890.

Part of a nice large cave slide-show. (Spoiler: they’re big. And either very, very clean or very, very dirty).

Space Shuttle Kick Flip

Not a bad image of the last ever space shuttle – open working on the International Space Station. The whole series is great, in a just-like-in-the-movies kinda way.

How I Roll


Nazroo taking his elephant Rajan for a swim somewhere in the Andaman Islands, photo by M A Bhanpurwala. Somehow, better than just about anything.

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