In light of Germany’s stunning 7-1 World Cup win over Brazil, perhaps an even greater achievement: victory over nationalism. As Quora user Judith Meyer writes, some players routinely do not sing the national anthem

    Germany is unlike other nations in that we have abolished patriotism. The players’ reasons are their own, but by not singing the anthem, Özil & Co are actually closer to the typical German fan, who will likely keep talking to his neighbour while the anthem is played.

    Also note that even a few years ago (before 2006) it wasn’t typical for the rest of the team to sing the anthem.

    While this sounds a little exaggerated, it reminds me of Australian broadcaster’s idea for a new Australian flag. His (then) un-nationalistic, often globetrotting country’s citizens should be represented by an empty flagpole.

    via Quora.

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